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The UBL Chuck is a locking type power chuck that offers high levels of gripping performance, rigidity and durability to allow secure gripping of cast or forged materials with a draft angle and workpieces with an overhang, which conventional chucks can not grip. Also, they can improve the roundness of thin-walled parts and respond to difficult-to-grip complex-shape workpieces.


  1. Gripping either inner or outer diameter of workpiece is possible with the same chuck.
  2. The excellent drawing function ensures accurate and stable chucking.
  3. The equalizing mechanism enables chucking of uneven thickness OD parts.
  4. Heavy-duty cutting of tapered workpieces is possible with a minimum gripping allowance.
  5. The circular motion ensures long service life.
  6. The inner parts are interchangeable
  7. The arm seal and special waterproof seal offer excellent dust and water resistance
  8. Sizes are 15

Availabel Sizes are : 135mm, 165mm, 170mm, 200mm, 250mm, 315mm, 400mm

No of Jaws are 2 & 3 Jaws.

Product Drawing

UBL chuck Drawing

We can produce these products with different diameters, composition, shape according to customer’s requirement. If you are interested, Contact Us.!

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